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 Leveling tips!!! 24-->32 Cap

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PostSubyek: Leveling tips!!! 24-->32 Cap   Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:35 am

Nemuin tips nih dari blog, pake bahasa inggris sih, semoga pada ngerti Very Happy

Leveling in Dragon Nest is a pain for some with dungeons that only give a decent amount of experience each run. You get the dilemma of whether your equipment is enough for this certain dungeon or your level will be sufficient for the enemies that will be coming at you. Here, tips will be given to make it a little easier. Learning these tips doesn’t mean that it will be easy, to get something you have to work hard for it. One way to level fast is to always get the commission board quests as to increase experience gain during a dungeon and you can gain a fair amount of game money.

So Here we go, first off, here is the map for Saint Haven:

Here is the map of Saint Haven. As you can see, some quest are available(level 25 character available quests) and six portals. The portal in the south leads to Hermalte Port, the north leads to Foothills of Black Mountain, the east leads to Wonderful Theme Park, the two portals on the center leads you to the Inside of the Royal Castle where there are quests available and lastly the portal below the north leads you to Garden of Time and Space.

After collecting all the quests, you will be required to do the lv 24 dungeons. There will be 2 of them. Normally, people will farm Dark Ore Mountains (one of the lv 24 dungeons) for NPC gifts to the blacksmith to lower repair/enhancement fee.

First Technique:

First thing for you to do is reach level 26, the reason being the requirement to take the commission board quest for the dungeon called Forsaken Islet.

Reasons why the Forsaken Islet:

The map does not require you to go through portals like going through 1st stage, second stage and so on and so forth, which greatly saves you time.
Mobs are relatively easy to defeat even if your equipment is not at its full potential.
Time required to clear the dungeon is quite fast.
In one part of the dungeon, you will see a cave on the right side. There will be a spider queen inside. If you don’t care about the exp and you want to clear the dungeon asap, you can ignore it and proceed on without affecting the dungeon completion. There will also be another cave after this on the right side as well with a treasure chest and some Man-eater Plants inside. You can clear them for extra exp.

Second Technique:

You can consider killing the goblins in the Wonderful Theme Park because they are a good source of experience and it can be a quick boost from level 25 to . The optimal % you get each round is roughly 10-11% depending on what level you are currently at. Since spamming the Goblin Village dungeon is not impossible then this few percentage would be a great source of experience.

Additional Tip:

Another piece of information is a level 30 Dungeon called the Dark Overlord’s Drill Ground. This dungeon takes a long time to clear but is a good spot for farming equipments and may drop lots of ordinary agates. To reach the dungeon, simply take the portal to the north of Saint Haven(Foothills of Black Mountain), you can make use of the warp NPC to get there faster. After going through the portal from Saint Haven, go left and go up the hill and you will see two dungeons, the other dungeon is for the Cerberus Nest, take the dungeon on the right side (Dark Overlord Gates). If you solo this dungeon in abyss mode you can gain a total of approximately 200k plus final ending experience. The only downside is that this will take you a long time to clear and will not be a good spot for leveling. Warriors may be able to finish this faster with the sprint skill.

If you want to solo this dungeon in abyss difficulty, even with non optimal equipments, you can do so when you reach level 30 main story quest. The NPC Geraint will accompany you through the dungeon and help you defeat monsters. Normally, he will kill mobs with just one or two hits, but sometimes you need to attack monsters to prevent them from attacking Geraint too much because he will be blocking the whole time from the attacks. Do note that Geraint will not die at all. However, sometimes he may get stucked in a few places so you will need to lure the mobs to Geraint or clear some mobs.

*Note that if you finish the main story quest through the end you might not be able to go back through the dungeon together with Geraint.

Semoga membantu cheers


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Leveling tips!!! 24-->32 Cap
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